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All our knitwear products are made using the finest lambswool spun by Z Hinchcliffe & Sons in the Yorkshire Village of Denby Dale.


All WAG&WOOL jumpers are 100% biodegradable and recyclable, that goes for our packaging too.

We only ever work with pawfect partners & suppliers who share our sustainability values and wherever possible EVERYTHING is sourced from the UK.


Wool products are highly odour resistant due to natural, anti-microbial properties that don’t allow bacteria to bind and subsequently grow on the fibres in the fabric.

Thin wool fibres allow tiny air pockets in the fabric to trap your body heat which provides excellent insulation.

Wool is naturally breathable, allowing air to flow. It doesn’t make you feel clammy and will prevent you and your dog from overheating.

Wool naturally wicks moisture away from your skin. This moisture is then released through the fabric by evaporation. On hot days the air in these pockets cools and keeps you comfortable.


baby blue lambswool scarf